FAST CASUAL - Fatburger prepping for IPO

FAT Brands, the parent company of Fatburger, Buffalo's Cafe and Buffalo's Express, is going public, according to a company press release that said the move will allow anyone to invest in the 200-unit franchise. The company plans to raise up to $20 million with the help of TriPoint Global Equities, LLC, which will be FAT Brands' sole book runner and lead managing selling agent.

"Our dedication to quality and great taste is reflected in our loyal worldwide following as our brands have grown over the years. We have developed the management team and business infrastructure to continue to grow our brands, acquire new brands and grow them globally under our asset-light model," FAT Brands Founder and CEO Andy Wiederhorn, said in the release. "As we make the transition from a private company to a public one, we are delighted to position our restaurants so that our fans can now be part owners too."


NYT - Want to Own a Piece of Fatburger? You May Soon Be Able To

NEW YORK — Soon, anyone with $500 can buy a piece of Fatburger.

Fat Brands, the owner of restaurant brands Fatburger and chicken-wing chain Buffalo's Cafe, plans to sell shares to the public next month in an effort to raise $20 million. It will use that money to expand its business and pay down debt.

The Beverly Hills, California-based company plans to file for its initial public offering through a set of rules known as Regulation A+, which makes it easier for small companies to raise money. Right now, it's only gauging interest from possible investors and plans to sell its stock in September.


BUSINESS INSIDER - Fatburger's parent company wants to go public and let everyday investors in on the action

The parent company of Fatburger and Buffalo's Cafe said it will go public and allow everyday investors to get in on the action.

FAT Brands, Inc. will look to raise $20 million using the Regulation A+ offering established by the SEC in 2015 which allows all investors — not only investment banks or institutional investors — to participate in the IPO.

Regulation A+ is meant to make it easier for small companies to essentially crowdsource investment in a "mini-IPO." Think of it like Kickstarter, except investors become real shareholders.


CFO - Fatburger Parent Explores IPO

FAT Brands, the parent company of Los Angeles-based burger chain Fatburger and Buffalo’s Cafe and Buffalo’s Express restaurants, has announced plans to go public. It is gauging the interest of potential shareholders through its website and on the crowdfunding platform Banq.

The kind of deal FAT Brands is pursuing, called a Regulation A+ offering, is nicknamed an “IPO lite.” Created by the JOBS Act, Reg A+ offerings allow private companies to raise up to $50 million annually by selling shares to both accredited investors and the general public. FAT Brands said it plans to raise up to $20 million.


CNBC - Fast-casual chain Fatburger prepares for IPO, still gauging investor interest

  • Fatburger and Buffalo's Cafe CEO Andy Wiederhorn announced Thursday that his holding company, FAT Brands, has been trying to gauge investors' appetite for an IPO.

  • The public entity would trade using the ticker symbol "FAT" — which stands for "fresh, authentic, tasty."

  • Fatburger's competitors today include Shake Shack, which went public in early 2015.

  • Chef Bobby Flay is also preparing to take his smaller restaurant chain, Bobby's Burger Palace, public.

Though the casual dining space is believed by some to be a weak link in the restaurant industry today, fast-casual chain Fatburger is ready to test the public market.

Los Angeles-based Fatburger and Buffalo's Cafe CEO Andy Wiederhorn announced Thursday morning that his holding company, FAT Brands, has been trying to gauge investors' appetite for an initial public offering.

"We're testing the waters right now," Wiederhorn told CNBC's "Squawk Box" in an exclusive interview. He added that the business' goal in going public would be to acquire many more franchise brands in the fast-casual category. For now, Wiederhorn heads up two — Fatburger and Buffalo's Cafe, which started in Georgia and is known for its chicken wings.

The public entity would trade under the ticker symbol "FAT" — which stands for "fresh, authentic, tasty," Wiederhorn said. FAT Brands said it aims to raise up to $20 million in its IPO. The company is in the midst of adding another brand to its restaurant portfolio and growing its partnerships with franchisees globally.


MARKET WATCH - Fatburger parent plans to go public, as it gauges customer interest in IPO

FAT Brands, the parent of Los Angeles-based burger chain Fatburger Corp. and Buffalo's, announced on its website that it plans to go public, while surveying customers of their interest in an initial public offering. "Make history today with our parent company FAT Brands," said a statement on the website. "Register your indication of interest to purchase shares in our I.P.O. by clicking below." Fatburger operates in 5 states and 18 countries, while Buffalo has locations in two states and Qatar. An IPO would come at a tough time for shares of fast-casual burger companies. Shake Shack Inc.'s stock SHAK, -3.53% has lost 6.5% year to date and shares of Habit Burger Grill parent Habit Restaurants Inc. HABT, +0.49% have tumbled 9.9%, while the S&P 500 SPX, -0.26% has climbed 10.7%.